HBO Max New Show Announced By Greg Berlanti

HBO max unveiled a bunch of new original series that are going to be coming exclusively to HBO Max and a couple of them are shows set within the DC Universe.

TV Show

 The first one is sure to get fans excited and that is a Green Lantern

The second one is to know that a series titled Strange Adventures.

The synopsis for strange adventures, DC superhero anthology that will feature characters from across the DC canon. The one-hour drama will explore closed-ended stories about the intersecting lives of ordinary humans and superhumans.

The details in the Green Lantern series, Are varying kept under wraps at this time. Although Berlanti did tease that the show will be going to space at this point, One could assume that the price points on these shows is going to be exceptionally high and probably going to be rivaling.

We also don't know how many episodes these shows are going to be, but it's assumed maybe they could be eight to ten episodes. It's also being said that Geoff Johns will be consulting with Greg Berlanti on the Green Lantern show.