Black Widow New Teaser Trailer Date Revealed

Black Widow
Recently there has been a lot of excitement around phase 4. However, Marvel is making us wait an entire year for phase 4 to start. An entire year without a film in the MCU.

But luckily for us, May 1st is not that far away from where we will see Natasha Romanoff hit the big screen again kicking off phase 4 in Black Widow, But We have hope for you today, News about the Black Widow trailer.

You see everybody has been wondering when we are going to get the Black Widow trailer. But we've kind of known all along and this is something that MCUCOSMIC has recently pointed out, And this is because Marvel has a pattern when it comes to trailers. So if we take a look at MCU releasing trailers before 2017, They always did it the same way for a big May release in the MCU.

They would always release the first teaser trailer for that movie at the end of October. The first teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 was on December 3rd. The teaser trailer for Avengers Infinity War was on November 29th and Avengers Endgame trailer was on December 7th.

So Marvel has only ever released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming May films in October, November or December.

Well, October has now come and passed and obviously, we did not get a teaser trailer. So that means that the first teaser trailer is going to be late November / Early December.