FIRST Concept Art of New Characters of Falcon and Winter Soldier from Disney+

With the launch of Disney+ on 12th Nov 2019 in the US and Canada. We're finally able to check out the Marvel Studios Disney+ extended preview. It kind of dives into what's next for the movies, It also kind of teases.The upcoming shows. 

We actually get concept art from those shows, And we get talks from the creator's about what we can expect. They actually showed off some pretty high-resolution concept art. 

The Falcons suit is going to be him before he takes on the mantle of Captain America officially because they had said that, Even though he got the shield at the end of endgame, This series is really about him learning to become Captain America. 

We're guessing that by the time the series starts and ends The Falcon is going to be a pretty different person, especially after he learns and adapts from Bucky, And also having to come into conflict with characters like Zemo and John Walker.

The US agents Bucky  is also sporting a new look, Which we kind of glimpse both of their looks on the poster.