Godzilla vs. Kong Release Date Pushed Back

We finally have some official news on a Godzilla vs. Kong. The big epic showdown that was slated to hit theaters March of next year has now been pushed back eight months and will hit theaters November 20th, 2020.

Most recently, We had Godzilla King of the Monsters which opened up this summer and generated about $385 Million worldwide against its very steep budget, Around two hundred million. So essentially the film was a financial disappointment.

I was glad that we got more expansion of different monsters in this monster verse, But I think that this delay we all saw coming marketing for Godzilla versus Kong. We never got a trailer, posters for the movie and if it was supposed to hit that March, Getting under 4 months away now just seemed very suspicious, But the delay makes perfect sense. 

Back a while Toby Emmerich even hinted at this: The head of Warner Brothers that they were possibly looking at releasing the film later in the year to get it to an A+ material. And he also said that Godzilla vs. Kong is likely going to deliver on what fans were hoping to get out of the king of the monsters.