Bucky Barnes Gets an Updated Look for new TV show

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently shooting its first season for Disney+. We have learned some of the details and know some of the major players that are going to be taking part in that series. Now we see how Marvel Studios is, in fact, changing somebody elements of the MCU. With this one, We got a better look at the new Bucky Barnes outfit.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Some brand new set photos of the Winter Soldier played by Sebastian Stan have hit the Internet. These are BTS photos, they show us Bucky in a brand new outfit, i.e. much darker and more muted colors than what we saw in that conceptual art that was revealed as part of the whole Disney d23 rollout and, The whole SDCC presentation. He was wearing much brighter, Colors, And he didn't look like this.

Now, Why is this, And why did they mislead people? Honestly, I don't think they did I think what we're seeing is one of many outfits, Maybe the blue outfit he's wearing, Is old conceptual art, Because we've seen that pointy of times with Marvel Studios or there's a chance that maybe that is some of the actual concept art from a different point in the series.

What we're seeing right now is them shooting something else, Because if you look at the picture, You're gonna notice that once again he has that Wakandian Arm you can see the gold and everything and it's an actual full-on prosthetic thing that he's wearing it doesn't have the motion Capture Dots. which is what they did previously to enhances.

So this looks like there's also changing that is gonna approach. Many of the CGI elements for the TV series now, At the same time, Looking at Sebastian Stan in this outfit. It tells me that maybe this is more of a Shadow Ops type of thing and since we know that they don't want him or the Falcon involve the whole Captain America,

The new Golden Boy. That's going with the US agent. Maybe that kind of spells out the plot that they're planning against them and these guys are on the run. Hence the darker outfits.

I think it's all gonna be in the story and that's why his outfit is somewhat different than what we saw in those photos. And, Honestly, we just think we have to just wait and see one the trailer drop. 

So you know I think that it's gonna be a better look into what we can expect and overall I actually like what he looks like in this. It reminds me more of the whole Winter Soldier and not so much Poster boy for America which wouldn't make sense, I mean look at his history and then imagine him in a spangly outfit. I don't think that fits into this.