Charlie Cox returning to Disney+ and Marvel Movies as Daredevil

So ever since Daredevils cancellation, Just about a year ago. There's been a lot of talk in regards to what happens with Daredevil next from rumors to actors. People that are part of Marvel Studios, All weighing in on exactly what they think might happen, or maybe even what they want to happen.

Including the movie contract stuff. So most of you know. By now, When the original deal for Netflix was announced, There was a bigger plan. Bob Iger even originally told investors that this Netflix deal was an opportunity to see how the streaming space would be beneficial for Disney. 
We know that it's largely that deal they led to the creation of Disney Plus because they saw that they could sustain their own original programming, That people would want to check out. 

So thanks to Netflix, ABC, and Disney for coming up with that deal. Unfortunately, Netflix cancels everything right around three seasons or one they have to start paying royalties. So, Unfortunately, things got canceled. 

Now the article from a couple of years ago, That was from Charlie Cox confirming his movie appearances. He said when I signed the contract for the shows I signed multiple years for daredevil and, Of course, Team-up series. The defenders and in that package, there was an opportunity to be involved in the movies. That's from daredevil Charlie Cox himself. Again he confirmed that multiple times. People still don't believe this. For some reason, despite the quotes being out there, Multiple articles, It was reported everywhere. He literally confirmed it in 2016. 

 On top of that and go back to the old investors' call with Bob Iger when the deal was announced. He literally says that "The actors are gonna, be handed movie contract opportunities if they like them again"

Now what we've heard in the last couple of months is the fact that Charlie Cox has multiple times he wants to come back and hopefully be in films. He's even talked about the fact that teaming up with spider-man down the road we've also heard Kevin Feige is interested in Charlie Cox and keeping him as a Daredevil. Again. 

Everything is lining up with it and now the question comes why didn't? They include any of these characters, Infinity War, Endgame or somewhere else?

We know that when the deal was ultimately signed when it came to continuing seasons with these characters, Netflix wanted exclusivity. They signed a two-year holding period where nothing could happen with these characters outside of Netflix for two years. Disney had to give in to this, Because this was their opportunity to again keep testing the market, So the movie contracts would have to be on hold for two years now. Two years is rather long, but in the grand scheme of things it's already been a year since daredevil has been canceled a year from now they can start working on another one. Two years from now daredevil could be back on TV. So that's the deal right now.

 You know things are just moving slowly and people are gonna lose interest in daredevil, Okay. Well, It's like well five years between Doctor Strange movies and like what five years between guardians films, I, Think they're Devils pretty safe. He was a TV character. It's it's! Okay!. They can bring him back and find a way. For you know millions of people to have no idea. Daredevil even had a series. Much was that he would be continuing from that series, So it could all work.