Christian Bale talks about 4th Batman Film in an Inteview

Let's go back in time to the year of 2012, Where there was a lot of buzz for quite a few comic book Films: Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, When it was all said and done. That was the last entry with the Dark Knight trilogy, but there was a lot of want from Warner Brothers to try to get more out of Chris Nolan and hopefully that franchise such as a fourth Batman film. 

So Christian Bale talking about it officially. So if you need a quick Refresher The Dark, Knight Rises was an interesting take on Batman. It was a completely different viewing film. It felt like Christopher Nolan kind of lost the love for it. So it looked like he just kind of wanted to get it done and then move along to the next chapter of his life and leave Batman behind.

The Warner Brothers had different ideas. Initially, they were setting up Robin played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take over the mantle. They even had scripts commissioned and they were looking to move with a fourth film that would possibly tie man of steel in with this universe. That's why Chris Nolan was still attached to Man of Steel as an executive producer.

They were hoping to sway him to be their version of Kevin Feige, of the entire DC Universe. Now Christian Bale talking about Ford versus Ferrari.  He goes in about his career and specifically talks about the rumored fourth Batman. He says "It would have been overindulging and there would have been no need"

 Now a lot of people were kind of getting mad at him.but Why? If I watch Dark Knight Rises, I think it ends his story rather fine, Do we believe he should have left it to some dude with almost no training and was a cop, Maybe not. But again the story was rather complete. Continuing with a fourth one, Possibly, not having Christopher Nolan, Not having him come back. Since the ending of the film and having a new Batman that wouldn't have really been even a continuation kind of would have been like a soft reboot.

 Now what the people have accepted, That who knows what? If they botched that and then it makes the first three films that seem kind of rather lame, when they tried this 89 - Returns, Returns - Forever, Forever - Robin retro. Actively making a lot of people sour on some of the films that came before again.

 They didn't want to do that and at the time they already knew, The Man of Steel was going in a different direction, So they decided to triple down on that and when Christopher Nolan officially decided to jump ship. This is when it was announced that we were getting Batman Vs Superman. So I think Christian Bale is ultimately right in this one. It would have been too much, It would have been overindulgent and honestly, You don't really need it. They finish the trilogy. What many people will say was a perfect trilogy.