Hugh Jackman Teasing a Return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3

Another day where there no news on Wolverine's first appearance in the MCU means it's another day where we have another rumor or speculation in regards to what will happen with Wolverine.

Although It's not of Hugh Jackman joining the MCU. As Wolverine and Hugh Jackman, Two things that go hand in hand and lasted 19 years as this character.Now It's a big deal when it comes to Wolverine, As whoever takes up the mantle next is gonna have an uphill battle.

Wolverine and the X-men are coming to the MCU and Deadpool is in development, So that's bound to hit us sooner than the X-men. That over the last couple of years, Hugh Jackman, Who plays Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds, plays Deadpool, Have been rather good friends taking jabs at one another.

Now the most recent banter between the two is the one that's bringing everything into question once again. Essentially, What happened is these two pretty much all the time they go back and forth? They're really good friends but they're, taking stabs at each other and having fun online and, They're keeping both their names in the conversation.

And it's always popping up when there's a movie that one of the two is in. Hugh Jackman posts a picture on his Twitter of Wolverine flipping off Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool around one of the claws, This made people jumped at a speculation that this is some way shape or form confirming the Hugh Jackman is in fact coming to the MCU or something along those lines.

But I don't think this is what Marvel Studios will do. It's a fun little thing that the actors like to do. Some people say, How is Hugh Jackman allowed to use a picture of Wolverine doing this he have to get approval and I ask them Do you have to get approval from somebody else, When you repost a picture online from some website or something on your personal Facebook or Twitter anything you don't own. That's just how it goes. 

So I don't think, There's anything more to this than what is being presented here. Now in the Deadpool universe Hugh Jackman does exist. He's Hugh Jackman, But also that Wolverine exists considering they're in the same universe. 

So it is a little bit of a thing and I think they're just having fun with it. I, Don't think, There's anything more to it. It's just two friends having fun using their well. What's be real, It's the most known characters that they've ever played and that's really what it is. If this turns out to be something more I'll be shocked because, Let's be real, Why would Marvel Studios? Let them do it like this? If there was something happening, It just seems out of the question and out of character for the MCU.