Monica Rambeau is going to become Photon in MCU

Monica Rambeau is in the upcoming WandVision Series. And she had her first appearance in Captain Marvel. Now brand-new rumors are suggesting. We will see her officially become a superhero.

Ever since photos of WandaVision hit. A lot of people got to the conclusion that somehow this is all gonna tie together, that She's working for S.W.O.R.D. Maybe she already has powers, or she's gonna get powers, We just don't know how they're gonna do this and, If she does have powers, They're probably gonna be doing that off-screen.

Now if she does suit up most likely, We won't see it till we get the first actual look if they choose to reveal it there. With that in mind, there are some theories out there that she will, in fact, become the character. She might be becoming Photon, And We think this is a smart choice and it's an obvious and a good one.

Kevin Feige has said they want more female superheroes in the MCU and they are gonna have a lot of them in the next couple of years. This makes an obvious choice. They got a great actress who can carry her own and has screen presence. And making her a comic book character, which she already is. 

There's gonna be multiple team-ups down the road and that Carol doesn't really age when she's out there in space. When she shows back up, She sees her it's the little girl that looked up to her. They can then start teaming up. 

Now the big question if this series takes place in the multiverse,  I think somehow S.W.O.R.D. is trying to tap into the multiverse and pull Wanda out of it. If she's this character in the multiverse. This mean she's necessarily the same character in the main Marvel Universe. 

 So who really knows it's just to wait and see, I 100% believe, she will be suiting up in that series because it just seems like. Even Kevin Feige has teased it. they've said the WandaVision gonna be a huge Marvel, Explosive team-up and who better than her and Doctor Strange to show up.