OMEGA RED will be MCU X-Men First Villain | Theory

I think it's pretty obvious from Marvel's iteration of the X-Men that they're not going to follow what Fox did and that they're gonna give us a bigger look into the bigger mythos and characters from the X-Men Pantheon.


Omega Red could be the first X-Men villain. He is a specific X-Men villain that would be rather new and unique. This character originally was supposed to be in Deadpool 2, Originally it was Tim Miller that wanted to use him, but they didn't end up going in that direction.

 Now there are designs for this character out there from the conceptual art stage and, He looks pretty perfect compared to a comic book version.

Now, Why might this be the one and from all the theories out there pretty much? They all come from the same angle that the fact that these designs were already made they exist. MCU can integrate them when you bring Deadpool in. Not just that, MCU can also use Omega Red and tie him into the history of the MCU.

Omega Red is not the greatest, but I do believe that there have been a few different versions of his origin. The one that most people do kind of generally go towards is, him being Russian. Which is a constant through there and being highly trained KGB. I think this could fit in and, they can find a way to tie him into The Winter Soldier project or Black Widow to connect them deeper into the MCU lore.

 Now, Why would MCU want to use somebody like this? When you look at these powers from the grab bag that everybody has like super-strength and obviously his unique hook, Those whips and how deadly he is again. It gives you a different look for a villain.

 We've seen it's not Magneto just floating around giving speeches. It's not gonna, That guy just wearing the suit. No! This is an actual villain. You really haven't seen this in the X-Men movies other than maybe Silver Samurai. That way to handle him and I know not many people like them.

It could work. It would be a smart choice. It is a pretty great formidable foe for them and why not go a little more unique and give us something that cool. Maybe put them into Deadpool 3, It will be a kind of cool if Deadpool 3 set in the MCU and then lead them into the X-Men movie. So he will have a little bit more exposure.