Plans for Wonder Woman 3 Teased by Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman 1984 is nowhere near being complete, but the trailer had a great reaction. Now Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins open up on the potential of a sequel which, We know it's gonna happen because the second film absolutely gonna bombs the Theaters. 

It actually kind of out blows my mind that Warner Brothers has not already announced a Wonder Woman 3 or Wonder Woman 99. They do like to announce these types of things with surefire or guaranteed franchises. But then again, They've been changing in recent years, With the shift in leadership.

This can be the new direction where they're not gonna, be that confident, because of last time. They did this with Man of Steel and Green Lantern and doesn't end up panning out, But during some interviews, Patty Jenkins said that she and Gal Gadot do have ideas already set or what Wonder Woman 3 is gonna about.

This was during a discussion in regards to the future of the character where they even discussed in Amazonia spinoff. I really hope that they can get going on the third film faster than they did on the second one . Because Warner Brothers sometimes take too much time.

So Wonder Woman to be the one that kind of maybe gets on a faster cycle is my hope Because at least to me I think the second film looks incredible. So if they can get working faster on the third film, Then maybe renegotiate some contracts, Which I probably feel they well and continue past. The third film, which I think is a guarantee, But then again I understand Warner Brothers to wait and seek.