The Batman Speculation on Major Plot Point

The working title for the upcoming Batman Reboot. Simply right now, Titled as "The Batman" and if this is actually an indicator of what the story's gonna be about.

When it comes to The Batman it's clearly one of the most anticipated comic book movies in the next five years. Naturally, It's Batman, It's a reboot, It's a whole new interpretation and it's going in some different directions from what it sounds like. So when it comes to this film there's a lot of eyes on it.

 ProductionWeekly ended up publishing a bunch of production titles for upcoming films, The Batman is one of them. It's a giant list. It is a films in production,

Now the working title of this film is THE BATMAN (w/t VENGEANCE). So The Batman Vengeance. Some people have speculated, this will be the title of the film but I don't think so. I think it's still gonna be called The Batman. Its just natural rolls off the tongue. The first time it's called, The Batman not just Batman for like Batman 89, So this will make sense.

 At the same time, I think vengeance could be, As its a hint towards what the story is about. Batman seeking vengeance.

Now I, Don't know what it could be about. Maybe you know it is still a very much early Batman early Bruce Wayne in his career, Where he's still very vengeful and doing this, For maybe some of the wrong reasons before he finally realizes what's happening, But at the same time I can't really agree with some of these theories. It doesn't make sense to me considering they've said a bunch of these villains are already out there and Batman's been a cause and effect in some of them.

So, I think vengeance as a working title is exactly what it is. It's the production title, The working title and that's all you have on there. This doesn't mean he's all about. I gotta get the revenge. So I think this was just a production title. They decided to go with for the simplicity and the basic use of