The Eternal Connection with Thanos and the Deviants

In the future, Marvel Studios wants to take us to brand new places, We've never seen before in Marvel Comics or maybe even in films. They're looking to push some of the concepts we've only had hinted at in the MCU, Even further one being the Eternals and it's a connection to pretty much everything in the MCU.

The Eternal
The Eternals, this is gonna be a unique movie. The things that came out till now from that you can start to form an idea of what you can expect, but you really don't know what to expect till we see that first trailer till we get the grandiose scope of it.

It's a film, that's gonna deal with the entire history of the MCU. On top of that with the future of the MCU. It's gonna deal with multiple time periods, Different civilizations, In a huge cast of characters. In the comics, The Deviants, The mutants, The Inhumans all these are loosely related.

Kevin Feige had some interesting things to say about The Eternals. Here's what he said about the Deviants -"Deviants are in this film, We'll see Deviants. they'll look, Unlike any Deviants you've seen in the comics. This is a new form of Deviants. We're revealing for this movie."

Now I've seen some people didn't even know who these characters were I'm, Actually starting to have trouble remembering what Deviants even really look like and I've read the comics. But nobody's attached to these things.

 Let's take this all the way back to 2011. When Avengers was coming out and we learned that Thanos army with Thanos at the time was actually the Chitauri. Does that matter today? Does it matter at all? We still got the Skrulls and we got a new version of the Chitauri. So that's the thing here: New version of Deviants.

Who knows how they're gonna include into the bigger scope of the MCU. They'll play a part into what's coming down the road, Such as the mutants. 

Now when it comes to Thanos, Here's what he had to say, "Thanos in the comics, was eternal on Titan. There may be connections, But really this is about the new 10 characters that are played by an incredible group of actors and we're focusing on that".

This can absense of Thanos. You can't really get that from this cuz. He doesn't say. No, If you read that quote, There's never a direct. No, He just says they're, Focusing on these things. He's covering his basis again he's not lying.

 They're probably not gonna focus heavily on that, But we might see a descendant of Thanos. They might wait the foundation. They might even go to Titan at some point. That's a possibility. I think we're gonna directly get to know his downfall to becoming the mad Titan.