The Mandalorian episode 4, Sanctuary Recap and Review

The Mandalorian episode 4, Sanctuary.

Baby Yoda


So after the big events of the last episode in which we saw the Mandalorian tribe finally come to dinner, Aaron's rescue, so he could escape on the razor crest with baby Yoda. 

Now we're treated this week to a more small-scale, Quaint episode, Which will likely serve as a standalone story to introduce the character of Cara dune played by Gina Carano. Essentially, The plot of this episode is at Mando and baby Yoda planned to kind of lay low and hide on a planet for a couple of months, while they figure out their next plan of attack. 

At the beginning of the episode. We can see a small village with peaceful farmers is attacked by Klaatu Raiders that have the use of an Atst when Mando finally lands on the planet. He meets Cara dune, An extra billion shot trooper, Who has a bounty on her head and assumed the Amanda was there to claim the bounty, But she ends up teaming up with him to help the village and save the farmers, This episode really got into some of the smaller character moments, And we also got some more small details on the Mandos backstory.

As he was taken in by the Mandalorians as a child, And he hasn't removed his helmet in front of others. Since that event, After Mando and Cara Dune are able to inspire the villagers to fight back and train them in a way to trap the Atst, Which would basically give them the upper hand in the battle, Because they're numbers they're able to successfully push back the Raiders advance and destroy the Atst, one of the things I really enjoyed about. 

This episode was how much of a threat they made the 80s team, Because, In reality, Without like an entire platoon of rebellion soldiers or something going up against one of those walkers with just two or three people, Would be pretty difficult and those things have incredible destructive capabilities, especially when you're going up against essentially farmhands on a village. 

This episode really hearkened back to those classic Western stories like Magnificent, Seven and also story like the Seven Samurai. The show is certainly inspired by Samurai and Western stories and no shortage of those references, 

In the episode, Mando was also tempted with the idea of just settling down on this planet with baby Yoda, Because he meets a woman that actually helps him out and takes a liking and interest to him, And he thinks for just a moment that he can actually put all this away. And just you know, Kind of settle down this planet, And he does definitely consider leaving Yoda, At least on the planet, To live a normal life. But when a bounty hunter tries to kill the child, Their cover is blown and the Mandalorian assumes they need to leave the planet. After several weeks had passed since their victory over the Klaatu Raiders. The two then leave yet again on the razor crest setting up next week's episode.


So overall I really enjoyed this episode, Like I, Said I really liked the idea that it was just like a kind of a one-off episode. Introducing Gina Carano is a character, but also giving us some pretty cool world-building because we're getting introduced to a new planet, Some new characters. We kind of get to see you know what these people's way of life is like. The Mandalorian gets required her moments on his own. He does actually take off his helmet this episode. We do get confirmation that he does take it off just not in front of anyone else. So it's unlikely we'll ever see his face, but you never know. I also did like seeing the farmers basically learn how to fight, And you know, Defend themselves against the Raiders that had been attacking their village. Definitely a solid episode. It seems like this show just keeps getting better and better, which is kind of a rare feature these days.