A Pipe Dream that never gonna Happen | Snyder Cut

The whole Justice League Snyder cut thing is literally becoming like the Martin Scorsese versus Marvel. In just about every 36 to 48 hours, There's another update.

So over the last month, There hashtag released that the Snyder Cut was a big thing. There's certainly been a lot of backing for this film and when it comes to the film we know what it was parts of it at least, And we know what we ended up getting what people naturally want. The original variety, big article where they talk about the entirety of DCEU going forward, And they specifically mentioned that the Snyder cut is "A Pipedream".

The article is linked, here's what an Insider had to say "That's a pipe dream. There's no way. It's ever happening, Warner Brothers aren't interested in spending that money on a film that was a commercial disaster upon release". As the insider says, It was a commercial disaster, which it was from every angle. The PR behind it to how they advertise it to what happened on the film coming out bombing the opening weekend to making about 75 percent less than what they thought it was gonna make in its entire run. 

That's all problematic the people that are funding these films, The shareholders, The suits they have no idea what a Justice League is. Many of these people are just investors, And all they care about is the next big hit. They're reactionary. All of them have never seen these movies. They don't care to see these movies. This is how video game companies operate.

 You know do the thing they don't know what the little guys are doing, The guys that are making Justice League. All they know is if the film makes money make more, If it doesn't scrap it, Go somewhere else, That's what happened with Justice League. That's why they said no more Justice League. 

 We want to make a joker 2  well yeah. This one made over a billion. Of course we're gonna make another Joker movie and that makes sense, We want to make more Wonder Woman yeah that made money, of course, More Aquaman, That made money more Justice League that bombed. Why would we make more of that?