Wonder Woman 1984 Gal Gadot Teases Something 'Very Exciting' at CCXP Brazil

So if you are like me, You are eagerly anticipating Wonder Woman 1984 and the official first look. The wait is almost over. We now have a release date and we're also expecting the first teaser.

 So when it comes to Hollywood, It's expanding rather fast. Brazil is a huge market and this upcoming weekend, CCXP is going to happen. This is gonna, Be the big reveal for Wonder Woman 1984, As Gal Gadot took it to the official Wonder Woman Twitter page to reveal that they will, in fact, be there.

Which was of course confirmed, But they confirmed the exact date, which is Sunday, December 8th, And she also said that the trailer will, in fact, be there, There are already some people speculating that this could be kept exclusively for Brazil, which is something to happen previously with Venom. Now, I don't think they're gonna do this.

There's a big film right around the corner with a Star Wars that you would want to attach this with it's, Of course, Before the end of the year, where a lot of people are going into theaters. So why not get a head start on next year now? On top of this, This film was delayed and there's still a good amount of people out there that don't even know that there's another Wonder Woman film coming.

 So a trailer getting released publicly is just about a guarantee. Now what to expect from this one? Well since they're about what six months out from the release of the film. I think that they're gonna be smart and release a trailer.