ZACK SNYDER Confirmed Batman's Death in the DCEU

In the last few weeks, There have been a lot more details about the Snyder cut, Such as the length, The original assembly cut and various other things. Now we do have more confirmed detail on the direction that we're gonna go in with the trilogy the Zack Snyder was building. 

Batman Vs Superman

When it comes to the Snyder cut of Justice League, the final cut of the film we got is a far cry away from that. At one point it was supposed to be two films, But, As it was recently confirmed, It was supposed to be upwards of THREE films to complete an entire trilogy that was going to be based on the Justice League. That was gonna, Tie everything around to the film that kicked this entire story arc off, Which was Batman Vs Superman.

This was still in its infancy of the DCEU, Where Zack Snyder was gonna have direct connections to everything that was in development. So his Aquaman was pretty much nothing like what we got in the actual Aquaman film. We got a more hands-on approach with Wonder Woman, And he was even positioning himself to push the rest of the franchise forward with Shazam and Green Lantern.

And none of that has come to pass and the DCEU has changed significantly since those days. Now a big detail that was recently revealed on Vero(Which is the social media app Zack Snyder use a lot).

Recently, He was asked about the idea of a Batman in his universe, And what was this supposed to be now? The original rumor was that Batman was gonna, Be sacrificed to Darkseid and he actually went on and confirmed this, but he didn't confirm in what film this was gonna happen in.

So the story is that Batman would have been actually murdered by Darkseid, Which would have to lead the effects of the entire alternate reality. Almost that was presented in Batman Vs Superman and then the third Justice League apparently would have been them time-traveling to prevent this. And the dark grim awful future to tie everything back around and bring all the characters back from the dead. 

That's definitely some interesting stuff. And to really think about what could have been and what big changes would have taken place within this entire universe and some possible parallels can be also drawn between these. 

I guess three films that could have been the backbone of Batman Vs Superman and they could have been drawn some parallels in there time travel to prevent this giant sacrifice. It's interesting and as of right now, People want to see this, but remember this was apparently in the third Justice League film and who knows how much was shot and what the Snyder cut consists of, Considering that seems to be only one film, So I figure we'll probably learn a little bit more in future.