Marvel Studios Gained Full Control of Namor & HULK

The latest batch of rumors sounds like Namor and the Hulk are both home, Where they belong with  Marvel Studios.

So at MCUCosmic is reporting a rumor that he has heard from other sources, which some other people have also talked about. Is that all the recent speculation and rumors in regards to Namor's future in the MCU, and further use of the Hulk (The Hulk has been in the MCU. But they couldn't make solo films based on him. Unless they worked out a deal with Universal).

 Namor has been somebody that Marvel Studios has wanted to use for a while. There were even Easter Eggs placed throughout the MCU for the character, but nothing has happened. A few directors out there involved with other films, Such as Scott Derrickson and Ryan Coogler have heavily hinted towards wanting to use this character. In one instance, directly referenced him on their own personal pages, And then nothing happened.

Now If you guys just, Look at that article, He kind of breaks down the details of why he believes in HULK with MCU. And Why does Kevin Feige invited Mark Ruffalo to pitch ideas for The Hulk?
and Namor deal with Universal.
This does start to line up. I mean Namor, got happened at some point. And it's a character that built marvel off of his own back, But he is the first superhero for Marvel. So at some point, we're gonna see him maybe a Solo, Villain or Antihero,

The Hulk, Probably probably not getting another standalone film, But then again, He's gonna be all over at She-Hulk series. I have no doubt about that, And since they are doing She-Hulk again things line up with the Hulk being back home. So both of these characters look like they're, Safe with Marvel.