Marvel's Moon Knight Working Title & Storyline Revealed

Things are already happening behind the scenes with Moon Knight. There's also been rumored names that are up for the casting of Marc Spector. Now ProductionWeekly has an update on the working title, which could indicate some sort of direction for the series within the confines of the MCU.

ProductionWeekly has updated various things that are going into production. The big one that catches everybody's attention is the production title Spectorcorp Productions from which we get Spector Corp. It is a company owned by Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, And this is rather important because its a hint towards what the story gonna be meaning.

The title Spectorcorp Productions hint us toward comic-book. From the Comics it looks like he's gonna be a businessman and owns Spector Corporation. Alongside he is somewhat a crazy Batman because he uses Spector Corporation to fund all his gadgets and things.

So that's the big reveal. This is the direction they're gonna go with. It certainly would make sense, because I don't think they want to just focus on this one aspect of the character, Which is just violence. 

I think Spectorcorp will bring another big entity into the MCU. That will have a big influence into the world. That will give the character more room to grow into this new domain. He can bring in some new innovative technology or something. 

So with a production title and everything. It's probably gonna go into production on time and we should be hearing casting any day now. It's time to get hyped because Moon Knight is on the way.