New Black Widow Trailer Release Date Revealed

We already had the teaser trailer for Black Widow. Now next up they got a release a full trailer. That's gonna give us a bigger look into the story and what we can expect now. Of course, This is an Avengers level film. So there's going to be a lot more marketing than the last time around and it looks like the next trailer is literally right around the corner.

Black Widow

 So January 13th. There is an NCFC(College Football Playoff National Championship) and Marvel and Disney love to reveal trailers. During these types of events, I know it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it makes sense because they want to reach the widest casual audience possible because the casuals have no idea that the MCU is continuing past endgame. Even some people were even confused about Spider-Man too. 

On January 13th, there gonna, be an exclusive look during the game and then the new trailers coming right after that and this kind of makes some sense. They can't stealth market this film. It's not gonna work. It worked with Endgame because of all the anticipation of Avengers Infinity Wars ending and leading into the Endgame. 

 For Black Widow, They can't do the same thing with one she's not guaranteed to make two billion dollars, or who even knows if she's gonna make a billion dollars. It's interesting right now and there's some very early along with forecasts out there saying it's possible, but we don't know black widow has been a long time coming.