New Details Have Surfaced Regarding Robert Pattinson's Batsuit in THE BATMAN

One of the most important pieces of Batman is that iconic costume, we have seen in various different live-action and Cartoon forms.

Now there's a lot of anticipation, Building up towards the reveal of The Batman played by Robert Pattinson. Now some people digging through all the archives and new reports think they know exactly what his suit gonna look like. 

Michael Keaton's Batman
Now when it comes to the Batman costume, We have seen so many different variations from Michael Keaton's initial one, where he couldn't even move his head. Christopher Nolan's suit solves that whole thing. And I think most people agree with the best Batman Costume with Ben Affleck.

 But now some reporters have done some scooping and digging through some old archives. This actually is from a former Variety reporter Chris Tapley, Who did some digging around from a former artist, way back in the middle of 2019. 

He posted a picture of what he believes the suit is gonna look like, which is the one that's above. Which would be a rather unique design. That we haven't seen in any live-action and I really do like it. 

One of the elements that really stands out that is really appealing, is the way the Cape connects to the actual Bat emblem. And you can just picture when he's standing there in the shadow and the light hits them. Kind of like in Batman The Animated Series.

We've had rumors before, That they're gonna be possibly having a Gray version and a Blue version that kind of resembles from some of the comics. So it ends up going a little bit more comic accurate.