Suicide Squad 2 Cast New Joker

Jared Leto was supposed to be the defining Joker of the entire DCEU and DC going forward. That's not a thing anymore. Then he was thrown to the wayside and now he's gonna be Morbius. Things are looking rather slim. Now some new rumors are suggesting that a brand new Joker is about to make an appearance in a DCEU, This one directed by James Gunn.

So in the last couple weeks, We've really seen a little bit more of the details on which direction Suicide Squad 2 is going. We know it's a soft reboot and It has no connection to the previous Suicide Squad film.

 Apart from what came before now, This is James Gunn. I think that was kind of expected. He didn't want to really take everything that didn't work and work in that movie and try to backpedal off of it. So he has free reins when it comes to DC.

Now we know that Jared Leto is not coming back as the Joker, And the Joker has to appear somewhere down the road, Considering he's one of the most famous villains of all time now.

Essentially, What some recent rumors have said is that a brand new Joker will be appearing in the DCEU. Specifically that James Gunn might be behind the actual establishment of this character and a complete reboot of the character for the new DCEU going forward, meaning that we're not gonna see a Joker yet over in the Batman franchise, which they don't want to do.

They're gonna focus on other villains. We have not seen on James Gunn kind of decides to take the franchise in the new direction and really build his own world. Starting with a small role for the Joker. That's gonna be teased and possibly even appear in this upcoming film Since Warner Brothers and James Gunn seems to keep it secret, I think Jared Leto was treated kind of badly and his Joker could have been something good had Warner Brothers not completely dropped the ball on every single thing that came to the first Suicide Squad.

So I guess gonna be a matter of time till we see if this pans out. But realistically you can't have a Harley Quinn without the Joker and you can't have a DC without the Joker. It just doesn't make sense. So I think there is some truth behind this, But I'm not willing to say that it's guaranteed.

 You know I, Think they'll allude to it a new Joker it being out there. They kind of have it's a major thing. I just don't know if we'll see them and, If we do, If it's James Gunn I wouldn't be surprised if he maybe gets somebody that we don't expect, And then it's a setup towards the next film. It doesn't put a new Joker in the film as a core member, Because that would take away from many of the elements.

Well, I can brand new team members and I don't think he wants to consider the last interview he gave about the Joker. He said: "He's never really a Suicide Squad member, So I don't want to deal with him, But establishing that that character exists out there, That's possible" and I think it will happen, Because, They don't want to make the same mistakes again. There's no way, they're gonna use Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, Because well that just kind of undoes everything.