The Batman Photos May Reveal First Look at Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne

What we knew was about to happen any day now. Now Official set photos are confirming Robert Pattinson is on set as Bruce Wayne and he started to shoot The Batman. It looks like he's joined by quite possibly The Penguin.

So the photos which have leaked online, they do show two interesting things. 

The Batman

The picture you guys will see is Bruce on a motorcycle, Looking like he's seen better days and many people automatically, Jumped on to the Batman: Zero Year ComicBook conclusion. 

The Story Goes, There was a flood that hits Gotham, It's a pretty important story that takes place right in that first year of him being Batman, There's a lot of buildings running wild. 

It establishes some important characters and where The Batman is gonna go from there on out. It definitely looks like that's exactly what DC will do. Considering he's got the motorcycle and everything.

The other photo introduces us to, who we believe is gonna, be The Penguin. Now, this can't be confirmed because it is a blurry shot, But many people have taken to it to say that this is him. Colin Farrell looks just like him and then he's got an Umbrella

I'm really excited about The Batman. It's been a long time coming. And many Batman fans have wanted to see what direction The Batman will go. 

 Batman: Zero Year is certainly an interesting story to possibly take inspiration from, And just by that, Maybe this is gonna, Be some sort of amalgam version of Batman: Zero Year and the Batman: The Long Halloween, Which again both of these make sense, Considering the amount of villains in the story they're going for. Just by the aesthetics and what we've heard of. So overall I'm pretty excited. This looks great I just can't wait to see more.