Suicide Squad 2 Set Photo Reveals NEW Team Members and First Look

Suicide Squad 2 is still shooting James Gunn is on set. Over the last couple of days, we've gotten to see photos of Harley Quinn. Now a brand new set photo leaked confirms multiple new characters. We've heard rumors about.

First and foremost is Harley Quinn wearing some sort of frumpy red dress. Her hair is red and black. A different dress that we haven't in the other films. Looks like, she's seen better days, Almost less somewhat tribal-looking and she has like a spear in her hands. 

All the way to the left. We actually see Ratcatcher I could be wrong but I'm gonna believe this is Ratcatcher because we've heard rumors about this specific casting. She looks dirty and dingy. Maybe she was going hand-in-hand with rats.

To her right in the middle of the photo, We're gonna see Idris Elba, The unknown Character till now. It looks like he was fighting Kaijus and his suit got dirty and muddied and he's always ready for some action. Again no idea who he could be. We've heard rumors, but nothing specific.

All the way to our right is Polka Dot man. He's a hundred percent confirmed and certainly looks interesting. His white suit got some weird silver Gauntlets and Polka Dots all over him.

Behind all of them is a CG stand-in character. It has been heavily rumored to be shark or Bane. I guess it will be king shark Because this would align up with multiple things. The things that really lends credence to this being Bane, is the way he's standing there for this shot.

Specifically, Harley Quinn in this dress is in a very familiar location because some of the banners on the wall did, in fact, say: Santa Prisca. That's where Bane is from and that's the prison. What looks like they were raiding in prison. We know they were shooting in Panama again that type of setting makes sense for that type of character showing up. It's gonna be one of those two or might not be there just miss directing us.