The Batman Filming Location Reveals Gothic Look to Cathedral & City

The Batman has already started shooting, but not just that. They are in fact going to shoot in formerly rumored locations, And there just happens to be a photo that gives us a hint towards the type of Gotham we can expect in the film.

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If you just look at many of the locations that are rumored for shooting Like Cardington Sheds in the U.K. They get a vibe for a Batman movie, Like a very dark gothic, And Unnatural sort of feel. They also want to bring the same feel from The cathedral in Glasgow, Scotland. Which is the next rumored location.

So they're taking a Cathedral, lighting it up and doing some modifications to make it look like it's a big piece of Gotham. There can be a possibility of a giant action sequence of some sort that happens in this Cathedral. What's important about this one is they're, Definitely going for a more gothic aesthetic.

A statement from Glasgow Council "Roads affected and dates and times of restriction applying to all vehicles with the exception of an emergency service vehicle carrying out emergency response or vehicles are given permission from Glasgow City Council Filming and Events section."

  Considering from the Official reports that they gonna, be shut down the streets due to production and that's where they're gonna be shooting. These streets again are very different from the typical look of Gotham.

Now this kind of indicates that they're, going in more of a Batman 1989 style, Gotham. Let's say, If you watch The Dark Knight, Batman Begins back to back home, You get a sense of timelines. You get a sense of the year of a chat on. Now Batman 1989 doesn't really have a sense of what's happening. Because its a mixup of 40s, 60s, 80s and Retro Futuristic aesthetics. The way they approached it, It doesn't really takes place in any given fixed timeline. The Batman is somewhat going for it.
Batman Blimp

Matt Reeves is aiming to make it look different, Like Batman 1989, i.e. the Gotham that we've never seen before. The Retro Futuristic look probably means that we're gonna get those Bat Blimps, Which were rumored to be part of the film.