10 Best Old Underrated Comic Book Movies to Binge at Home

Crazy times we're living in right now. Movie and Television show productions put on pause because of the covid19 pandemic. But social distancing doesn't always have to be bad, while upcoming releases get delayed. This presents a perfect opportunity to go backward and catch up on some good shows. You either missed or didn't fully appreciate it when it originally came out. These are the 10 most underrated comic book movies to binge at home.


The Rocketeer made in 1991. I'm not arguing that the special effects aren't dated, But if you're someone who can look past. I am sure you'll love a solid and much underappreciated comic book movie directed by Joe Johnston. Joe's attention to detail for the period makes it easy to see why he was such a great choice to later helm, Captain America: The First Avenger from Marvel Studios. You need to rewatch this anyway since a sequel is rumored to be in development for Disney+.


You have to catch Mystery Men. Some might argue. This isn't technically a comic book movie, But it is loosely based on the Flaming Carrot Comics. Mystery Men bombed at the box office because It was truly before its time. The movie's Superman-like hero, Captain Amazing, has a publicist endorsement deals and behind the scenes, he isn't a nice guy as you'd have you believed. If you're, one who loves a good superhero satire, Mystery Men is for you.


Snowpiercer, based on the French graphic novel of the same name. Snowpiercer features Chris Evans, Taking a break from Captain America to start a very unique comic book movie. It about a train that constantly moves around the earth in a post-apocalyptic Ice Age. The poor people in the cab, decide to push their way to the elite in the front. Since it's directed by parasite filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, It should come as no surprise that his commentary on social class systems is very much at the forefront of this awesome movie.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Edgar Wright's weirdly romantic comic book film is a cult classic today and you probably already love it, because all the cool kids do but you'd be surprised how many people haven't given Scott Pilgrim a chance and I'm here to let you know that you need to rectify that ace. If you're, One of those people.


Before he was the Godfather of superhero movies by helming, the beloved spider-man trilogy. Director Sam Raimi took his first swing at superheroes with the Darkman. It's not technically based on any one comic book. It was written by Raimi as a homage to comic books, And it's a classic origin story that could have easily been taken from the pages of a Marvel or DC comic book.

American Splendor. This is not your usual comic book movie. It's rather a really stylistically interesting biography of comic book artists. Harvey Pekar played perfectly by Paul Giamatti. 

we come to be V for Vendetta. I'm sure people still appreciate how difficult it is to adapt a graphic novel by legendary writer, Alan Moore to film but, V for Vendetta did it about as perfectly as anyone could now. It only did it retain most of the political commentary from the book. The looks and feel of the film mix with Hugo Weaving classically-trained voice, Match the tone precisely.


 Daredevil(2003) is definitely my guilty pleasure comic book movie. It's better than people say it is, but the whole playground fight team makes it kind of hard to defend.


Constantine. If you can excuse the fact that Keanu Reeves isn't English and doesn't look anything like John Constantine from the comics. Then you've actually got a real quality film here. Keanu definitely nails the sardonic tone of the character and Djimon Hounsou is Papa Midnite Tilda, Swinton as Gabriel and Peter Stormare as Lucifer rounds out. An excellent supporting cast to watch.


Dredd. It's a perfect movie about Dredd everyone who has seen it wants a sequel and it's frustrating. We still haven't gotten one yet.

Must Watch:

You should go back and watch again Sin City. It's filmed mostly against a green screen. Sin City achieved a look that perfectly complemented the writing and drawing by Frank Miller. In fact, Very few live-action movies are this faithful to their source material. 
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