Taskmaster Real Identity in Black Widow | Theory

There's one big question about the Black Widow movie and that's: Who is the Taskmaster?

Let's start with the pages of Marvel Comics, Taskmaster was first introduced in Avengers issue No. 195 back in 1980. Taskmaster's real name is Tony Masters and his superpower came from a Nazi version of the Super Soldier Serum used to create Captain America. This also enhanced Tony's natural-born ability to learn maneuvers and skills from watching other people perform them. In Black Widow he has the same power of watching and learning.

It looks like most of that is carrying over into the MCU's version of the character. Seeing as we've already caught taskmaster stealing moves from Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Captain America. He also ripped off Black Widow after watching security footage of her hallway fight from Iron Man 2. We're not quite sure who taskmaster is in the MCU, But he's probably not Tony Masters.

I have a theory of my own. O. T. Fagbenle was announced for the cast of Black Widow at SDCC. He's playing a guy named Rick Mason. He has some sort of love interest like he's into her, but she's not into him. We've seen nothing from him and trailers. This makes everyone think it's his face under the mask, Which is why we aren't seeing him in trailer or teasers.

I have another theory, I think Mason might be a taskmaster at some point in the movie, But not for the whole thing in the MCU. Taskmaster might not be an identity, But it might be a title. It's framed to sound like it's about all the widows in the Red Room. But what, If  It's actually about a mind-controlled taskmaster.

Black Widow Family
 There's a sequence that looks to be after the family dinner scene and where the family is on the run. As the giant smokestack thing is falling over. It looks like Melina Vostokoff the character played by Rachel Weisz could be taking a dive in true Black Widow form. So Natasha thinks she is dead, But really maybe she was captured by whoever controlled Taskmaster and then becomes the next Taskmaster. 

 Melina wouldn't want to fight Natasha, Nor Natasha would want to fight Melina. It's almost the same emotional build of Bucky and Steve fighting at the end of the Winter Soldier. We've already seen brainwashing and it extends in the MCU.
Iron Maiden in Black Widow

On the pages of Marvel Comics, Melina becomes the villainous Iron Maiden, Something we saw a reference in the final trailer, But if we don't go that route, We could fast-forward to her having a villains story and make her Taskmaster.