BNA Episode 1 Synopsis and Visual Previews

Synopsis of the first episode of "BNA" that will be broadcast sequentially from Wednesday, April 8, has arrived.

BNA Episode 1

Synopsis :
One day, Michiru Kagemori, who suddenly became a raccoon beast, escapes from humans and arrives at Anima City, a city where beasts can live freely. Just that day is a festival day to celebrate the 10-year establishment of the city. Michiru is thrilled by the vibrant city and encounters a strange wolf beast, Shiro Ogami, who sheds tears while watching the festival.
BNA Episode 1
BNA Episode 1BNA Episode 1
BNA Episode 1
BNA Episode 1
BNA Episode 1
BNA Episode 1

Broadcast information(JST)
Exclusive distribution of episodes 1-6 from March 21 on Netflix
Broadcast will start on Fuji TV +Ultra from April, and then it will broadcast on other stations.

Fuji TV: From April 8 every Wednesday 24:55 to 25:25
* The first broadcast will be broadcast from April 8 (Wed) 25:05 to 25:35.
Kansai TV: Every Thursday from April 9 25: 55 to 26: 25
Tokai TV: Every Saturday from April 11 25: 45 to 26: 15
TV West Japan: Every Wednesday from
April 8 25: 55 to 26: 25
Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting: Every Sunday from April 12 25: 10 to 25: 40
BS Fuji: Every Wednesday from April 15 24: 00 to 24: 30