Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World Anime Reveals New Casts

The first Preview of Anime Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World, which has been decided to be made into a TV animation, has been released. The anime will be premiere from October 7 2020. Also Pay attention to the powerful battle action drawn by SILVER LINK. 

In addition, the anime  character information of Iska and Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX, who are the main characters of the story, is released. Yuusuke Kobayashi is in charge of Iska and Sora Amamiya is in charge of Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX.

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Visual Previews:

Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

Preview 4

Preview 5

Preview 6
Synopsis :

A mechanically developed ideal empire, "Imperial", with highly developed science and technology.
The "Nebulis Imperial House", which uses the power of supernatural powers and is feared as a "witch's land".
There have been two heroes in both countries who have been fighting for a century.

Iska, the youngest and most powerful empire.
Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX, the princess of the Nebulis Imperial Palace and also known as the "Ice Witch".

When they met on the battlefield, they became nemesis, betting their lives and fighting. In order to protect the country, the family, and the companions, we will hold on to each other's sustenance.
However, the two who touched each other's true faces during the fierce battle were drawn to their ideals by their way of life. Even if we knew that we couldn't walk together and that we would be at the mercy of our cruel destiny.
As if to ridicule such two people, the tension in the world still increased and the plot of the great powers was about to intersect. A divided world, but boys and girls will continue to solicit their thoughts.

Main Characters :

Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX (CV : Sora Amamiya)

Aliceliese Lou Nebulis IX

Iska (CV : Yuusuke Kobayashi)


Risya In Empire(CV : Ayana Taketatsu) (Left)     Nameless(CV: Jun Kasama) (Right)

Sisbell Lou Nebulis IX (CV : Azumi Waki)

Millavair Lou Nebulis VIII (CV : Aya Hisakawa)

Staff :

Original: Kei Hosone (Fantasia Bunko / KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.)
Original illustration: Ao Nekonabe
Director: Ko Onuma, Misaki Minato
Series composition: Kento Shimoyama
Character design / general drawing director: Kaori Sato
Animation production: SILVER LINK

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