Deca-Dence Episode 1 special Broadcast on June 28 *Watch Episode 1*

TV anime Deca-Dence which will start broadcasting on 8th July 2020, but a special distribution of the first episode will be held on June 28.


In KADOKAWAanime Youtube channel, the first episode "Ignition" was delivered in advance on, June 28th. The synopsis and preceding cuts have also been released.
Episode 1 "Ignition"
Far from the future, human beings, who were driven to extinction by the invasion of an unknown creature, Gadoll. Those who survived started lived inside the moving fortress, Deca-dence, but continued to resist desperately. Natsume, a girl who grew up admiring warriors from an early age, is assigned to a realist and lethargic armor repairman, Kaburagi, who spends days pursuing cleaning. One day, Natsume was caught in a battle with Gadoll while he was working, and the sight he saw was a cabbage defeating Gadoll one after another.

Precedent Cuts :


Episode 1: