Fire Force Season 2 Episode 1 "Battle of Firefighters" Synopsis and Precedent cuts *Watch Episode 1*

The second Preview of the TV anime Fire Force Season 2 has been released. A few days after the fierce battle of the Special Fire Force Company 8, that took place in the Netherworld. Shinra and others are involved in a new battle. It is a video that depicts a spot in the story of the second chapter.

In addition Episode 1 "Battle of Firefighters"Synopsis and precedent cut is also released. As of Season 1, Season 2 will also have 24 Episodes.


The Special Fire Force Company 8 spends a moment of peace beyond the battle in the Netherworld. Shinra and his friends enjoy the holidays, but suddenly the city screams. Before the people who rushed, what appeared was a huge "burning bite" that they had never seen before!

Precedent Cut:

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