Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation 2nd Season Episode 1 Preview and Synopsis

The Second Phase of Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Action, Mystery, Comedy Anime will start broadcasting from July 7, 2020.

Article 13( Season 2 Episode 1 )

Nana's classmates Yumi and Rika were playing “Kokri-san” after school. Nana tells her to quit and hurry home because of her part-time job. Muhyo had an unpleasant feeling when he heard the story from Nana at the "Rokuhima Law Consulting Office" at night. When Rosie and Nana rushed to Yumi, it was after the spirit attacked. Then, the dying Yumi was saved by two demon lawyers. It was the head of the "Goryo Group," Gomine Rara Amagimaru, and assistant Hanao Ebisu.

Visual Previews :

New Cast Information :

Maryl Macias (CV. Satsumi Matsuda)

One of the Twin brother. Together, the two are known to the world as doctor of law.

Lilly Macias (CV. Risae Matsuda)

One of Twins sister. Second-class clerk. Unusually inspiring.

Kiriko (CV. Rumi Ōkubo)

A messenger summoned from a familiar jar.

Sakon (CV. Junji Majima)

Assistant to the judge who serves the Gomine Group.

Voyosen (CV. Akane Odagiri)

It is a powerful spirit that manipulates psychokinetic power and swallows humans, and is called "Mistblown Mountain Buijosen".

Thomas (CV. Ikuya Sawaki)

One of the Ark, a group of forbidden lawyers. I collect the relics of the killed opponent.

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