Appare-Ranman! Episode 4 "Let It Go" Synopsis and Precedent cuts *Watch Episode 4*

Appare-Ranman!, which started airing from April 2020 but postponed due to pandemic will started premiering from 24th July, the synopsis of the episode 4 "Let It Go", and the preceding cut has arrived.

Previously in Episode 3

Dylan of "Thousand Three" saves a light rain that has fallen into a strait trying to help a child surrounded by bad guys. Appare realized that it was a man riding a flashy gasoline car in the parade the other day, and declared "My car will run before you someday!", The name of the child is Hototo. He traveled alone from a village far away, looking for a man with a snake tattoo on his neck, the father's tent.
    Meanwhile, the warehouse where Appare stayed overnight was bought by BNW's representative Al Lyon, and they had to leave. Appare bets on the warehouse and challenges Al's car!

Episode 4 "Let It Go"


As the transcontinental race approached the start, Appare, who got a gasoline car from Al, was heading for his invention. At that time, Xia Lian talks directly to the owner to test hemself to break the convention that "a woman cannot be a racer". However, the men of the team mocked her... Unable to endure the insult, she is willing to be dismissed and offers the driver David a match. #Battle of pride

Precedent Cuts:

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