Deca-Dence Episode 3 "steering" Synopsis and Precedent Cuts *Watch Episode 3*

Deca-Dence, which started airing from July 2020, the synopsis of the second episode 3 "steering", and the preceding cut has arrived. It will air on 22nd July.

Previously in Deca-Dence Episode 3

Kaburagi, who defeats the Gadolls with tremendous power, and Natsume who is in a state of dismay on the battlefield, as it's her first time in her life. On the other hand, the true identity of the hidden world revealed to humans...

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Episode 3 "steering"


Natsume learns how to fight against Gadoll under the guidance of Kaburagi. In spite of the hard training of Kaburagi, who used to be a top-class warrior, Natsume will grow dramatically in a short period of time.

Preview Cuts:

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