Fire Force Season 2 Episode 3 "New Fire Type" Synopsis and Precedent cuts *Watch Episode 3*

The synopsis and the preceding scene cut of the episode 2 "Crazy Flame" has arrived.

The 8th Special Fire Brigade, who knew that the missionary's purpose was to cause a "major disaster", was preparing for the emergence of a new human "pillar" with an "Adolla Burst." At that time, Shinra meets a girl named Inca Kasugatani (CV. Miyuri Shimabukuro) at a fire scene.

Episode 3 "New Fire Type"


The purpose of the Conductor was to collect humans and "pillars" who had an Adolla burst and to cause a "catastrophe" again. Eighth in preparation for the emergence of a new pillar, at a fire scene in a town, Shinra meet a girl who robs the fire. The special Fire Force and the white costume will begin a battle for the “fifth pillar”.

Precedent Cuts:

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