Fire Force Season 2 Episode 4 "Searching through the Fire" Synopsis and Precedent cuts *Watch Episode 4*

The Synopsis and Precedent cut of the Episode 4 has arrived. It will broadcast on July 25th.

Previously on Episode 3 "New Fire Type"

The purpose of the Conductor was to collect humans and "pillars" who had an Adolla burst and to cause a "catastrophe" again. Eighth in preparation for the emergence of a new pillar, at a fire scene in a town, Shinra meet a girl who robs the fire. The special Fire Force and the white costume will begin a battle for the “fifth pillar”.

Episode 4 "Searching through the Fire"


Shinra and Karim collide with each other over Inca, a girl in the "fifth pillar". On the other hand, in the burning town, the eighth was chased by the response of "Akitaru", but he was behind the scale of the damage. Reinforce(Bito), extinguish the fire, and secure the "Fifth Pillar". Eighth, which was in a predicament, what are the remaining hands?

Precedent Cuts:

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