Hang On! Climbing Girls New Broadcast Date and additional Cast Revealed

In April Hang On! Climbing Girls was commentated to receive Anime Adaption by Blade. With a new visual Hang On! Climbing Girls revealed their broadcast date to be in October 3rd. 

The artists Aina Suzuki will perform opening song named "Motto Takaku"(Even Higher) as her first opening theme for ant anime. Sumire Uesaka, Yui Ishikawa, Aina Suzuki, and Miyu Tomita will perform the ending theme song "LET'S CLIMB↑".

Its also revealed new additional cast as well as new voice actors for the main anime characters.

Plot of Hang On! Climbing Girls

Konomi Kasahara, a junior high school girl, has made a big name after winning numerous competitive puzzle game tournaments. The story begins when she finds a sports climbing club in her high school. Using special skills other than that of puzzle games, Kasahara becomes fascinated with climbing.

New Cast and Introduction:

Anne Kurusu CV. Yukari Tamura

Although she is an idol in the climbing world, she is also a world-renowned super famous player.
The "Climbing Princess" is a weapon with abundant game experience and high holding power.

Chinari Iwamine CV. Mikako Komatsu

One of the best in Japan, feared as a "climbing spider". One of the "Climbing Three Princesses", characterized by a move with a tall body. Her hobbies are collecting cute things and observing people. However, the "kawaii" standard is a little off the mark.

Chigusa Kumagai CV. Sachi Kokuryu

A player proud of his muscles, whose principle is "power is power!". Even with a slightly unreasonable route, you can dissect the task with your strength and core. The appearance of climbing is exactly "muscle maximum".

Masami Fukita CV. Chihira Ueda

Director of St. Catalno girls. The nickname attached to her is "Black Panther" because she has a wild climb that takes advantage of the physical abilities that have been trained in athletics. One of the "Climbing Sunshine". she is a leader and is loved by the members.

Rina Samura CV. Daria Midou

Due to her hot climbing style, she is known as "Crimson Commander Captain". While she has a good combination of skills, she is a reliable underpinner who supports Masumi as the manager. she is well taken care of and is loved by his juniors as an energetic.

Kurea Oba CV. Machico

Has an outstanding sense of balance cultivated in ballet. A "ballerina on the wall" that controls tasks with an elegant and light move. she has a disliked personality, and she sees good things as rivals.

Iwa-Kakeru! Climbing Girls (Japanese: いわかける! -Climbing Girls-) is a Japanese manga series by Ryūdai Ishizaka. It was serialized online via Cygames' Cycomi manga app and website from December 2017 to May 2019 and was collected in four tankōbon volumes by Kodansha. A sequel manga by Ishizaka titled Iwa-Kakeru!! Try a new climbing (いわかける!! -Try a new climbing-) has also been serialized online via Cycomi since June 2019. It has been collected in four tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan.

Source : Official Website