The God of High School Episode 3 wisdom/kingdom Precedent Cut and Synopsis *Watch Episode 3*

The synopsis of the episode 3 "wisdom/kingdom" of the THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL scheduled to be broadcast from July 20th (Monday), the preceding cut and synopsis has arrived.

Episode 3 "wisdom/kingdom"


The match between Mira and Ma Mi-Sun begins. Mira struggles with her own sword skills, as she is overwhelmed by Mi-Sun's trained body and power.
Mori was at risk of disqualification as he broke into the match between Gang Man-Suk and Go Gam-Do.
Parliamentary member and organizer of this tournament, Park Mu jin, proposes to Mori that he can return to the tournament if he wins against Executive Committee member Q.
On the other hand, a mysterious group that makes a comeback during the district qualifying. What is the "key" that fulfills their wishes?

Precedent Cuts:

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