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The Misfit of Demon King Academy synopsis of the episode 4 "15th Birthday", and the preceding cut arrived.

Previously on Episode 3:

Ivis, one of the seven Elder Demon Emperors Anos created from his blood, now run the academy as the seven deans. Anos realizes Ivis does not remember him, so he sends Ivis back in time to retrieve his memories, only to realize someone actually altered the past itself so everyone believes the demon King was someone called Avos Dilhevia. Ivis decides to remain neutral since Anos also possesses the necessary power to change the past, and he is not sure if he can trust Anos yet. For the next academy challenge, students are told to collect magic items from a castle which is actually Anos' home from 2000 years ago. He decides to collect a scepter at the lowest level. After collecting the scepter, he allows Misha to take one of his personal items, the Phoenix Robe, for Sasha's birthday to enhance her flame magic. However, Sasha stabs Misha and claims she was never their ally, but was waiting for a chance to betray them. Anos claims she is lying since her demonic eyes should have activated under intense emotion, but they did not. Sasha flees with the robe and scepter, claiming she hates Misha. Misha admits to Anos that she will disappear the moment she and Sasha turn 15 and that the person he thinks of as Misha does not actually exist.

Episode 4 "15th Birthday"


When Sasha was a fetus, Ivis split her into two babies so when they turn 15, they would fuse into a single more powerful demon. Anos catches up with Sasha who reveals she actually wants to save Misha, and she created a spell to let Misha live while she disappears. Misha refuses so they tearfully wait for Misha to disappear. Anos reveals that if he sends them back in time, they can fuse with their unborn fetuses, so they will be born as true twin sisters. Anos is then stabbed by Ivis, who plans to use their fused body to host the true reincarnated Demon King. Anos activates the time spell only to be blocked by Eugo La Raviaz, Guardian God of Time. Fusing himself with Ivis, he kills Anos and admits he altered history so no one would know Anos made a deal with Kanon to end the war. Anos reappears unharmed, revealing he has enough power to even defy a God. He sends Sasha and Misha to fuse with their unborn selves. He then destroys Ivis. After resurrecting Ivis, Anos returns all his unaltered memories, revealing Ivis only betrayed him because his memories had been altered by someone working for Avos. Sasha and Misha return, now as true sisters. Despite having saved Misha and altering the past, Anos nonchalantly decides to return his scepter to get a perfect score for the academy challenge. He also gives Misha a ring from his collection to enhance her magic, along with the Phoenix Robe he gave to Sasha.

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