Appare-Ranman! Episode 6 "I am Gil!" Synopsis and Precedent cuts

Appare-Ranman!, which started airing from April 2020 but postponed due to pandemic. Now it started premiering from 24th July, the synopsis of the episode 6 "I am Gil!", and the preceding cut has arrived.

Episode 5 Recap

Even though he was invited to the spectacular eve of the festival, Appare and his friends were caught by the dress code and were about to be driven away. Crazy TJ, one of the "Thousand Three," came to the festival, playing loud music. In addition, a spooky man wearing a mask as the third "Thousand Three"-"Gill of the Massacre" and his partner Chase, was also at the festival. And at the moment of starting the lottery to decide the starting grid, TJ pulls out the gun!

Episode 6 "I am Gil!"


On the first day of the prerace with a prize of $10,000 started. Appare and his friends have a good fight with steam engine cars, but they are obstructing the course of the car next to them. It is Richard Riesman, who seems to be nice to the person who apologizes for being involved. It was a light rain that reminded  that it was not a race in which only weirdos and weirdos participated. While each prepares for the departure, Hototo sees the men with the tattoos he is looking for, and leaves behind...

Precedent Cuts:

Richard Riesman
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