Appare-Ranman! Episode 7 "FAKE" Synopsis and Precedent cuts

Appare-Ranman!, which started airing from April 2020 but postponed due to pandemic. Now it started premiering from 24th July, the synopsis of the episode 7 "Fake", and the preceding cut has arrived.

Episode 6 Recap

The racers head towards the finish line of the first stage in the town of Lancaster, and Dylan wins followed closely by Crazy TJ. Appare's vehicle arrives in the last position although he made up time in his slower machine by driving cross-country. During the rest stop, Hototo sees a snake tattoo on one of Gil's men and follows them to their camp. He overhears Chase plotting to slow everyone down with a roadblock at the entrance of the Valley of Despair, then bursting through the roadblock themselves. They then plan to set off an explosion as the other competitors pass-through behind them on the way to Death Valley. Unfortunately, Hototo is captured and Gil's men lock him in a box, planning to blow him up with the dynamite the next day. Kosame realizes Hototo is missing and while searching for the boy, Richard Riesman tells him the location of Gil's camp. Kosame finds the camp but not Hototo. At midnight, all the racers except for Appare leave for the next stage, but they are soon stopped by Gil's barricade. Meanwhile, Hototo has managed to escape and he joins Appare and Kosame just as dawn breaks. Appare takes off after the other cars while Hototo explains Gil's plan to dynamite the valley.

Episode 7 "FAKE"


Hototo, who was trapped, desperately returns to Kosame and informs about the Death Valley, that it's a trap Gil's crew has set up.

Xia Lian who started earlier is in danger. At that time, the power hidden will issue finally blows fire! But the most rational way to win a race...

Waiting for Hototo has already made them behind of all, and Appare is working to save his rivals, something that was unthinkable.

Precedents Cuts:

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