Appare-Ranman! Episode 9 "short break" Synopsis and Precedent cuts

Appare-Ranman! Episode 9 "short break" synopsis and preceding cut is released. It started airing from April 2020 but postponed due to pandemic. Now it started premiering from 24th July.

Episode 8 Recap

Appare, Al and Jing set off for the next stage, but come upon a group of other competitors who have been attacked by men on horseback. The only survivor is Richard Reaseman, left alive by the men wearing snake tattoos to warn the others that everyone in the race will die. 

Surprisingly, Appare decides to go after them and Al and Jing agree. Hototo tracks the killers to an unfriendly small town, but after a short investigation, they find themselves surrounded by Gil's armed men. The group tries to fight their way out but are beaten and captured, except for Kosame who could not draw his sword and is left lying in the street. He is taken in by the sympathetic saloon keeper and after he tells her about the killing of his mother, he realizes that he must save his friends. 

At sundown, Kosame finds his friends about to be hung in the main street, and challenges the killers. When they prepare to shoot him, Kosame finally draws his sword and skillfully defeats them, killing only their leader when he refuses to surrender and fires at Kosame. That evening, they arrive at the next supply point, Denver, Colorado, behind the leaders, Dylan, TJ and Riesman. Meanwhile, the real Gil T. Cigar assures his backers that he has the situation under control.

Episode 9 "short break"


The last hope left by Kosame and his friends brilliantly rescues them from the crisis. But the threat of Gil hasn't passed. Considering the safety of the staff, they changed the route to the north, using the city with the station as the supply point, and decided to continue the race. The racers who were ordered to wait for one day enjoy a brief rest while reminding themselves to move forward. Appare alone ponders on a hybrid engine that has not been completed yet...

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Precedents Cuts:

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