BEASTARS second season broadcast date announced

BEASTARS a manga series launched on September 8, 2016. The series has a total of 19 volumes till now. On the cover of 10th issue of, it was announced that BEASTARS manga will get a television anime adaptation.

The series aired from October 8 to December 26, 2019, in japan with total of 12 episodes. On March 13, 2020, the anime premiered outside japan in Netflix. At the conclusion of broadcast of last episode, second season was announced with no definite broadcast date of 2021. While the anime only covered 6 volumes in those 12 episodes.

Recently a definite broadcast date is revealed to be on January 2021.

Story so far in BEASTARS anime:

Story started with a murder of Tem, an alpaca. In Cherryton campus an anxiety develop in between herbivores and carnivores. As in memory of Tem, the school drama club tries to follow up as schedule and replace Tem while trying to remove the mist of tension between herbivores and carnivores. Whereas a new character is also introduced Haru, a white dwarf rabbit bullied by her classmates. While In between of practice Legoshi, a grey wolf get attracted towards a white dwarf rabbit in form of PREY or LOVE?
    Leogshi tries to fight his carnivores instincts in midst of dark and ends up hurting Haru's hand. While Legoshi get distracted by club member as Louis, a red deer brokes his leg while practicing, Haru runs away with an injured hand. Next day while helping the drama club for some flowers, Legoshi went to gardening club to collect the flower. Where he learned Haru is the only member of Gardening club. So Legoshi tries to help Haru with Gardening while panicking whether Haru will recognize Legoshi. In moment of surprise Haru offered her body as exchange of help from Legoshi?
    Legoshi surprisingly run away from the gardening club while suppressing his own carnivores and male instincts. As a Louis finds Legoshi irritating because of the act of suppressing strength. Meanwhile, the drama club performed the play astonishingly good with Louis as best performer but while the curtain falls Louis fell down on the theater.
    Later Louis wakes up in the infirmary and learned that he has fractured leg, which makes him to lose his lead role to the Bill, a tiger and Legoshi has to take the mantle of villain in place of Bill. Later Legoshi learned Bill doped himself by rabbit blood to bring out the character, but he fails to deliver his dialects and Legoshi came out of character and attack Bill in a guilt of attacking and hurting Haru and in anger of using rabbit blood. In between of the play blood spilled in the floor of theater and Louis came in between to stop the fight and get applause from the crowd.
    As the fights became more popular with in the crowd Louis didn't suspend Legoshi or Bill. One month later they were again invited to perform for the meteor festival. While in between Legoshi feelings starts growing towards Haru day by day. Eventually, after having dinner together in the cafeteria, she shares her name with him.
    Again an intensified news of herbivore murder spread out in the city. Legoshi save a young wolf from bullying named Juno led her to an affection towards Legoshi. As a part of meteor festival Legoshi, Aoba and their carnivaore friends went to city hall. Where they get lost in a district named Black Market. It's a market for selling body parts of herbivores, while running away from market of overwhelming scents of herbivore, Legoshi passes out in back alley. Later he was retrieved by a Black Market psychotherapist and guardian. Legoshi confessed his feeling for Haru to the  psychotherapist and tried to understand the felling of PREY vs LOVE. Later Legoshi met Aoba, who was also disgusted by the Black Market and returned to their campus.
    Legom, a chicken loves to deleiver her eggs to carnivore and wants to make quality healthy eggs. So she starts to work for it. Legoshi came to know that Louis has relationship with Haru. So he tries to distance himself, but he didn't able to and admits he is in love with Haru.
    During the end of the Meteor festival preparation Legoshi asked Haru to go back school with him, but a confilct arise due to Legoshi carnivore instincts and during night. Whereas Juno already fell for Legoshi. Suddenly a blackout occurs and worried Legoshi tries to find Haru. Which is witnessed by Juno.
    Louis remembered his childhood as illegal livestock of carnivore history until he was adopted by Oguma. Louis is also lynched because its rumored that if he becomes the next BEASTARS the carnivores will become underprivileged. Legoshi set up a date with Haru to confess his feelings, but she was kidnapped by a criminal lion gang known as Shishi-Gumi. Louis get to know the truth and ask the mayor to investigate but the mayor blackmailed Louis as the incident can lead mayor to lose his position. So Legoshi went up alone to fight and save his love.
    While searching Haru Legoshi lead to the Black Market as a base for the lion gang. Where he met Black Market psychotherapist Gouhin and convince him his feeling for Haru and both went in to fight the gang themselves. Legoshi with the smell of Haru, he brings out his predatory instincts and fights through the guards. While thinking about Legoshi, Haru finds the strength to stand up against her captors, allowing Legoshi to reach her just in time.
    Legoshi succeeded to save Haru from the Shishi-Gum, but the boss tried shoot them from the back but Louis came on time and succeed in saving them by killing the boss and allowed them to run away. They decided to spend the night in love hotel. In guilt Legoshi confessed that he tried to eat Haru but Haru has also suspected but never asked Legoshi and still liked him because of his nature. As they are Love attempt to have their first sexual encounter together, their instincts as carnivore and herbivore get in the way yet again.
    They return to school. Juno corners Haru and, after finding out they didn't have sex, challenges her for Legoshi's heart. As the meteor festival continues Legoshi went to search for Haru to confess and finds her and confess that he needs a huge amount of time keep his predatory feeling controlled and Haru replied "She will wait for him" Sometime later, Legoshi encounters an unseen character, who walks with him but begins smiling for no apparent reason.

BEASTARS in  2 lines:

BEASTARS is anime which resides in different word of prejudice and self-discovery. It shows the food-chain, which reveals the world and their working to solve different problems.