Deca-Dence Episode 1- 6

Over some bangers like The God of High School in Summer 2020, Deca-Dence was also part of the hype and after 6th episode, you can tell it does live up the hype.

Deca-Dence anime sets around the genre of Humans fighting Monster at the age where the existence of humans has come to cease. wait, This is it? The Attack of Titan has the same plot.

Well no there's more to it. Deca-Dence is a game, played by some aliens, lookalike characters of kids show Heybot!. The game set in the natural world, where humanity ceases to exist and is taken over by Gadoll, Monsters of a different size or in a game sense is of different levels. The game universe contains two types of characters Gears and Tankers.

‘Deca-Dence! Run by the Solid Quake corporation, it is a colossal entertainment facility where one can experience excitement like never before. This is not a virtual world. It takes place on the vast continent of Eurasia. Players can board the Deca-Dence and enjoy an entirely real-world adventure.

‘First, become a Gear and customize an available avatar of your liking. Once you’re ready, join up with allies and set out on an adventure to hunt Gadoll!’

Episode 1-2 plot revolves around Deca-Dence, the game, and its introduction. Episodes 1 displays the concept of the fortress. The fortress has two stages upper ground for gears and basement for tankers. Gears are the characters controlled by aliens(revealed in episode 2) and their main work is to fight Gadolls and get ranked for luxury in their universe. Whereas tankers are the NPC's who born and live in Fortress and main work is to maintain the colony, the Fortress. Episode 1 was enough to believe the anime was Attack of Titan genre.

Later it revealed to us the concept of the game and Solid Quake corporation. Their motives and How Mr. Kaburagi a gear in its own time become a Tanker now. It's really amazing, how the perspective change happens with a twist, which was unexpected and I like it.

From episode 3 main story starts, but still we can't confirm yet as the story changes from episode to episode. So for me, this anime gets 8 out of 10 in storytelling and willingness to show us more than what we expected. The story portrayal was decent, as expected from Bleach and Chihayafuru like anime's director Yuzuru Tachikawa.

The story goes on as to how Mr. Kaburagi goes against the corporation to save the bug, Natsume, and makes her eligible for the universe. So that she can survive without Kaburagi and the same happened in episode 5. After going against the corporation, Mr. Kaburagi was removed from the game and the alien kaburagi was send to prison.

With those 6th episodes, they portray us as a universe of priority and left-behind. How a corporation misuses someone and uses them for their use, without thinking anyone values.

Now compiling overall, the art style and the song is great not the best but decent enough to go with the anime. The story complexity and the episodes cliff hangers makes the anime more curious. This anime belongs to dropped list over watching early episodes category, but after watching episode 2, it does a comeback. The comeback is something every anime watchers want from shows.

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