Deca-Dence Episode 5 "differential gear" Synopsis and Precedent Cuts

Deca-Dence, which started airing from July 2020, the synopsis of the episode 5 "differential gear", and the preceding cut has arrived. It will air on 5th August.

Previously in Deca-Dence Episode 4

Following the escaped pipe, Natsume jumped into the battlefield and decided to fight with Gadoll for the first time. It was Natsume who panicked at first, but she immediately remembered the teachings of Kaburagi and fight bravely.
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Episode 5 "differential gear"


The battle that must be defeated begins to raise the curtain. Natsume spies out with SQUAD 6 warriors, but she has no hands or feet in front of the cheat-class Gadoll. Kaburagi saves such a pinch of despair.

Precedent Cuts: