Deca-Dence Episode 9 Synopsis and Preview

Deca-Dence Episode 9 synopsis and preceding cut is released. The anime started airing from July 2020.

Episode 9 "turbocharger"


Having passed the Shield, Kaburagi and Natsume successfully infiltrate the Gadoll factory. It is only then that they realize that Turkey has betrayed them. Fugin and Munin of the Game Police are lying in wait. It's an ambush.

Precedent Cuts:

Deca-Dence Episode 8 Recap:

Donatello and Kaburagi discuss potential ways to get into the Gadoll Factory, but their options are limited. Jill explains that there is a field surrounding the factory that detects chips placed in avatars.

Kaburagi suggests that they retrieve his former avatar which has no chip and has been kept in an archive by Minato. Jill tricks Minato into revealing the avatar's location and she uses the secret link to enable herself, Kaburagi, Donatello, Turkey and Sarkozy to enter the archive and successfully steal the avatar. They are almost caught by Hugin who had received a tip about the plot to retrieve Kaburagi's avatar. Kaburagi uses his old avatar to reunite with Natsume and asks her to assist him in destroying the Gadoll Factory, and she agrees despite the danger. 

Minato approaches Kaburagi and tries to convince him to give up on his plan, but Kaburagi refuses. Meanwhile, Turkey, one of Donatello's henchmen, attempts to convince Sarkozy to betray Donatello and Kaburagi.

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