Fire Force Season 2 episode 9 "The Core" Synopsis and Precedent cuts

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 9 "The Core", Synopsis and Precedent cut has arrived. It will broadcast on August 22nd.

Episode 8 Recap:

Shinra believes the internal voice came from the Tabernacle. Scop explains the history of the Tabernacle and how a young woman in black robes taught them to speak and repaired the structure.

Suddenly the group are attacked by cloaked sentient Infernals who have also set booby traps in the surrounding area. An Infernal states that the Tabernacle was built to destroy the world, but this is refuted by Scop who says it has benefited them, leading Shinra to believe that an Amaterasu can be used for good or evil.

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Meanwhile Tempe's Infernals have completed gathering a series of tablets which he plans to use to release the Tabernacle's full power. Purt Co Pan, Victor and Arthur enter the Tabernacle to investigate while outside Tempe leads an attack by his Infernal followers against the Fire Force. Tempe reveals his intention is to kill himself and ascend to Heaven by blowing up the Tabernacle. Because this will also destroy the forest and the surrounding region, Shinra vows to defeat Tempe who has the power of a demon.

Suddenly, Shinra detects the Adolla Link as the young woman in black robes appears behind him. Meanwhile inside the Tabernacle, Purt Co Pan and Viktor vainly try to decode numbers engraved on the tablets and the walls, when Arthur suddenly comes up with a solution.

Episode 9 "The Core"


Shinra and his friends collide with the demon Tempe, but the will to defend prevents them from requisitioning. On the other hand, Licht and Arthur who proceed inside the Tabernacle, finally reach the center. What they saw when they reached the sanctuary....

Precedent Cuts:

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