Noblesse Anime Theme Song Artists

A Crunchyroll ORIGINALS anime adaptation of Noblesse theme song artists revealed on their official Twitter (@noblesse_jp). Also a new teaser trailer is released by Rialto Entertainment. Which show few aspects of anime action scenes and Raizel school life.

The anime opening theme song "BREAKING DAWN" will be performed by Kim Jae-joong  also the song will have Japanese, Korean and English language versions. 

The artist also commented for their release.

I am very happy to be able to sing the opening theme for the TV anime "NOBLESSE".
Furthermore, this time I feel quite responsible for the worldwide development of singing in three languages: Japanese, Korean and English, and I am nervous.

"BREAKING DAWN" is the current world, so let's move forward with hope! It is a song with a positive message.
Please look forward to it.

Additionally anime Ending song "Etoile" will be sung by K-pop group OH MY GIRL.

Comments form the artists for their release.

Hello its OH MY GIRL!
We will be in charge of the Ending theme song of the TV anime "NOBLESSE" that will be released from October!

The protagonist Raizel and Frankenstein are both fascinating, the action scenes are amazing, and I think it's a big-scale story. I also sang the ending theme song "Etoile" in 3 languages, Japanese, Korean, and English, so I hope that people from various countries will listen to it.

TV animation "NOBLESSE" will be broadcast from October. Everyone, please look forward to it!

About Noblesse

The comic series Noblesse, which has been translated into 29 languages along with about 11 years of serialization in NAVER WEB TOON in Korea. Noblesse is also published in LINE Manga in Japan. 

The anime adaptation is being directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto, with Shunsuke Tada as chief director, Sayaka Harada on series composition, and Akiharu Ishii handling character designs and chief animation supervision. 

The story is dark action fantasy with attractive characters such as Noblesse with absolute power and remodeled human being of the mysterious organization named Union with the existence of peoples called Noble.

The guardian Noblesse Raizel , who has absolute power, wakes up from a long sleep of 820 years and attends a junior high school as a student, living a peaceful life for the first time.
When the protagonist, Raizel, is enjoying his everyday life, thugs and remodeled humans from the mysterious organization Union will appear and end the peaceful daily life.

Source : Twitter(@noblesse_jp)

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