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Peach Boy Riverside Manga by Coolkyoushinja and Johanne's receiving a TV anime


Popularly serialized in Kodansha Shonen Magazine R and Magapoke, Peach boy Riverside by Coolkyoushinja and Johanne's was decided to be a TV animation in July 2021.

At the time of the announcement of the TV animation, the teaser PV that Sally and Mikoto who have the power of “peach” smiled eerily and the animation cut of the two people was released.

Haruka Shiraishi plays a princess, Sally, a former Oguni who woke up to the power of peach, and Nao Toyama plays Mikoto, a boy who has the power of peach.

 Sally, the princess of a small peaceful kingdom who meets Mikoto and embarks on a journey to the outside world. A certain incident awakens the power of the peach within her — a power to fight demons. 

Mikoto, a boy known as the "demon hunter" with the power of the peach. He bears an intense hatred of demons and journeys with his dog to rid the world of them.

A gift campaign will also be held on the official TV anime Twitter account.

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