The God of High School Episode 6 "fear/SIX" precedent cuts and synopsis

The synopsis of the episode 6 "fear/SIX" of the THE GOD OF HIGH SCHOOL scheduled to be broadcast on August 10th (Monday), the preceding cut and synopsis has arrived.

Episode 5 Recap

In his youth, Daewi shared a violent rivalry with Seungtae that developed into a friendship. Mori defeats his next opponent and will face Daewi in the finals. In hospital, Mira urges Mori to fight Daewi for the right reasons, not for revenge. As their match begins Daewi and Mori are evenly skilled and Mujin watches hoping Mori will “awaken”. Mori knocks Daewi down and tries to show him mercy instead of taking revenge, but Daewi takes advantage, claiming he was never really their friend and unleashes a devastating attack. By chance, Mira stumbles across Seungtae’s room in a hospital and finds his family in mourning as he had already died. Daewi knocks Mori down, but as the referee begins the countdown Mujin, who had promised to cure Seungtae if Daewi won, informs Daewi Seungtae is dead, hoping to unbalance him. Daewi flashes back through his entire friendship with Seungtae and decides to lose the match. Mira arrives and interrupts the match with a goodbye letter Seungtae wrote to Daewi. With renewed determination Daewi re-joins the fight, rediscovering his friendship with Mori. Mori deals a final blow to a happy Daewi, winning the match. Mujin comments that he seems to have found two “tiger cubs”. As the three friends leave the ring together several other fighters watch them with interest.

 Episode 6 "fear/SIX"


The National tournament turns out to be a competitive tournament within the top three players from each district qualifying team. Mira has won a spectacular victory in the 3rd place match, betting on the national tournament. Mori, Daewi, and Mira decided to compete in the national competition on a sunny day. On the tournament management side, Mujin tells the executives the intention of the team battle. All are looking for someone who has the qualities of a key. Mujin summons SIX with enormous power in each world to counter the mysterious group Nox who also seeks that key. 

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